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His TemplateEdit

Name: Nick Kobarg

Age:(12-18) 16

Appearance/Physical Description: He has short curly hair and is the most poular guy in school

Gender: Male

District: 8

Personality: He's nice but hates when people flirt with his hot girlfriend Coco

Strenghts:(Atleast 2) He is good with his bow and arrow, and strong

Weaknesses:(Atleast 3) Swimming, quick thinking, bugs

Interview clothes: A nice tux but is made of different textures and colors (Like a quilt tux)

Tribute Parade costume:(Decide with whoever is in your Tributes District) A cheeta designed tux

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Top 20Edit

  1. Nick (Placed 19th)
  2. Nick (Placed 18th)

Top 24Edit

  1. Nick (Placed 22nd)
  2. Nick (Placed 22nd)

Top 50Edit

  1. Nick Kobarg (Placed 27th)