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She was my second victor.

Her TemplateEdit

Name: Mondi Bakerman

Gender: female

District: 11

Age: 18

Weapon: Has none

Strength: Swimming and holding his breath

Weaknesses: Fighting, running, climbing,

Appearence: Big, Slow, Tall, Really skinny,

Personality: The nicest girl you'll ever meet but is missing a leg B

ackstory: She lost her leg by one of the peacekeepers when her dad got arrested (She was really MAD)

Private session: You can come up with it but can you make it in between 6-9

Strategy for bloodbath/game: Grab the closest backpack and run to the nearest lake (As long as it's past at leat 1 mile) and stay in there until someone comes and if someone does she'll go under until they leave and if they make camp she'll try to escape

Token: Her grandma's old blue necalace (Her grandma was in the third Hunger Games)

Allies: None

Her PlacingsEdit


  1. Mondi

Runner UpEdit


Top 5Edit

  1. Mondi (Placed 3rd)

Top 10Edit

  1. Mondi (Placed 8th)

Top 20Edit

  1. Mondi (Placed 18th)
  2. Mondi (Placed 15th)

Top 24Edit


Top 50Edit


Top 100Edit


Top 200Edit

  1. Mondi (Placed 132nd)