Her TemplateEdit

Name: Jane Socha

District: 12

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Weapon: Spear and knunchucks

Strength: Hiding, fast, small, fast reflexes

Weaknesses: (Atleast two) Climbing, Mutts

Fears: Blood

Appearence: She is known as the preety girl in District 12, she has long dar hair and white skin with grey eyes.

Personality: She is a nice person who throws up when she sees blood

Backstory: She owns a small farm and her sister died by a crazy cow

Reaction when reaped: Histerical crying

Private session: She throws a knife and it hits the forcefield and it comes back straight at her and then she dodges it just in time and then she does that a couple more time and with more than one knife and then she knocked out all the dummeris with her numchucks

Strategy for bloodbath/games: Ally up and then get some knives quick and grab a back and then just get the heck out of there

Token: Her sisters old doll keychain

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Top 5Edit

  1. Jane (Placed 5th)
  2. Jane (Placed 5th)

Top 10Edit

  1. Jane (Placed 18th)

Top 20Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 17th)
  2. Jane Socha (Placed 11th)

Top 24Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 22nd)
  2. Jane Socha (Placed 23rd)

Top 50Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 25th)