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Name: Ben Witover

Age: 18

District: 11

Gender: Male

Strengths: A great Swimmer and can hold his breath for 5 minutes and his dad taught him martial arts

Weaknesses: Climbing, Big

Weapons: Spear

Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteer for his younger brother who's 12


Token: His deceased mothers old ring

Personality: He's nice and is very competitive especially with Mondi Bakerman from his hometown who he has a mad crush on.

Apperance: He's tall and skinny and has brown hair

Bloodbath Strategy: Run and find your allies grab a bag and maybe you weapons and run

Games Strategy: Keep with your allies and find a water source quick

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  1. Ben Witover (Placed 7th)

Top 20Edit

  1. Ben (Placed 17th)

Top 24Edit

  1. Ben Witover (Placed 24th)

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  1. Ben Witover (Placed 45th)